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Mathematics at Modern Age

Organisers: Sébastien Maronne and David Rabouin.

Presentation: The monthly workshop seminar “Early Modern Mathematics” invites researchers to present their work that deal with mathematics and philosophy of mathematics in the early modern period (1500-1750).
The texts studied and the claims displayed by the authors are discussed in three-hours meetings. Questions occur during the talk in order to support discussion. Attention is paid to read and comment primary sources. Meetings of “bibliographical seminar” will be devoted to the discussion of a book with its author.

The seminar is held in French and in English.

Audience: the seminar is particularly intended for young scholars : Ph.D. and master students.

Meetings will be held monthly on Wednesday, 14:30 – 17:30 in Paris, Paris Diderot University, site Paris Rive Gauche, building Condorcet.

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Nov. 18 2011 room Klein, 612B

Joint session with group "Algèbre à la Renaissance", headed by Sabine Rommevaux (SPHERE) : L’Arithmétique de Simon Stevin de Bruges (Leyde, 1585)


This year, seminar will focus on « Mathematics and Imagination »

Feb. 15 2012
room Rothko, 412B
Delphine Bellis : Le rôle de l’imagination dans la géométrie naturelle : Kepler et Descartes

March 14
room Klimt, 366A
Andrew Arana, Sébastien Maronne et David Rabouin : Imagination et géométrie chez Descartes

April 25
room Rothko, 412B
Dominique Descotes (Université Blaise Pascal, CERHAC-CIBP) and Sébastien Maronne (Université Paul Sabatier, IMT / SPHERE) : Imagination et géométrie chez Pascal

May 23
Room Klimt, 366A
David Rabouin (SPHERE) : Imagination et géométrie chez Leibniz