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Axe Histoire et philosophie des mathématiques

Mathematics and Philosophy, 19th and 20eth Centuries /2011–2012

Phds and students Workgroup

Organization : Sylvain Cabanacq,
Emmylou Haffner,
David Rabouin

On Wednesdays, 10:00 am – 13:00 pm, room Rothko (412B).

This working group aims to build an informal space for PhD students working on 19th and 20th Century, whether they are historians or philosophers, to discuss and work together as well as with researchers, students in mathematics and master students.

No prerequisites are expected from participants. On the contrary, the idea is to share historical knowledge, mathematical skills, philosophical insights and points of view. Our starting points will go from recent papers, discussed together, to mathematical theories (for example, group representation) or more “classical” historical and philosophical writings (Weyl, Lautman, …). This year, the group will be organized in series of sessions united by a theme. A large part of each session will be devoted to questions and discussion.

To current year and archives 2011–

PROGRAM 2011-2012

Homotopy theory

Sept. 21

Elements of the history of homotopy theory

séance animée par Renaud Chorlay

Oct. 5

Philosophical issues and questions raised by the theory

Sylvain Cabanacq

Oct. 19

Some technical notions and results

Brice Halimi

19th and early 20th century

Nov. 16

Hermann Weyl, "Die Idee der Riemannschen Fläche"

Christophe Eckes

Nov. 30

On "modernism" as a historiographical category : some perplexities about purity of method and axiomatic thinking

Ivahn Smadja

Dec. 14 -  !! Two sessions !!

Dedekind and Weber, "Theorie der algebraischen Funktionen einer Veränderlichen"

Emmylou Haffner

Dedekind as a philosopher
Jamie Tappenden (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Jan. 11

Birth of homology and homotopy in Poincaré and Brouwer

Ramzi Kebaili

Lie Groups and Algebras

Jan. 25

Joël Merker and Christophe Eckès

Feb. 01

Joël Merker and Christophe Eckès

Feb. 15

La représentation des groupes de Lie selon Hermann Weyl : questions philosophiques.
Benoît Timmermans (ULB)

March 14 !! room Klimt, 366A !!

Concepts ?

March 28

Around Cavaillès’ philosophy
Sylvain Cabanacq and Baptiste Mélès

April 12

 !! exceptionnally Room 267A !!

Nous écouterons un échange entre Karine Chemla et David Rabouin sur l’utilisation des notions de concept et d’objet en histoire des mathématique. Partant d’une tentative de préciser ce que signifie faire une histoire "conceptuelle", nous interrogerons les possibilités d’actuelle(s) identification(s) d’un "concept" du point de vue d’une évolution historique. De là, émergent des questions comme : un concept peut-il avoir une histoire ? Comment caractérise-t-on, alors, les évolutions d’un concept ?

Bibliographie indicative :

- Hilary Putnam (1975), "Langage et réalité", in Laugier & Wagner, Philosophie des sciences, vol. II : naturalismes et réalismes, pp.73-104.

- Dagfinn Føllesdal & David Bell (1994), “Objects and Concepts”, Aristotelian Society Supplementary, vol. 68, pp. 131-166.

April 25
Sur la théorie algébrique des ensembles
Brice Halimi (SPHERE)

May 09
 !! Room Mondrian, 646A !!


May 23
 !! Room Klimt, 366A !!


Abstraction in a mathematical context

Working group co-organized by Jean-Pierre MARQUIS, Pr. at the Université de Montréal and visiting researcher at SPHERE, and Jean-Jacques SZCZECINIARZ

Would it be possible to define a form of abstraction that could be specifically mathematical ? On the contrary, is it necessary to consider different kinds of abstraction, according to the mathematical contexts in which such a procedure is used (topology, algebraic geometry, algebra…) or to the theories that allow us to characterize it (category theory, model theory, topos theory…) ?

June 5, 10h - 13h
, room Rothko (412B)

David Rabouin

The different kinds of abstraction in Aristotle’s philosophy

Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz

Russell reading Aristotle, according to Jules Vuillemin (Logique et monde sensible)

June 7, 14h - 17h
, room Rothko (412B)

Jean-Pierre Marquis

June 13, 10h - 13h
, room Malevitch (483A)

Emmylou Haffner

Abstraction in Dedekind’s works

Sylvain Cabanacq

"Abstract" and "concrete" in Lautman and Weyl.

June 21, 10h - 13h
, room Malevitch (483A)

Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz

About Property, Structure and Stuff (Baez, Dolan et alii.)

Houry Benis-Sinaceur


June 30, 14h30 - 17h30
, room Malevitch (483A)

Jean-Pierre Marquis

Concluding remarks and perspectives