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Reading mathematical texts 2011–2012

Organizer : Agathe Keller - CNRS, REHSEIS–SPHERE

Year 2011 – 2012 : on wednesdays, room Gris, 734A, 9:30–12:30, on the 7th floor, of the Condorcet building, University Paris Diderot.
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This year’s seminar is related to the ERC SAW project, and more specifically to the SAW seminar. We will read with the speakers their source texts and translations. The seminar is open to everyone.

2012, Jan. 4

Pascal Crozet on al Farisi’s Arithmetics.

Jan. 18

Takanori Kusuba on Sanskrit Mathematical Texts dealing with debts.

Jan. 25

Peng Hao on extracts of the Chinese "Book of mathematical procedures".

Feb. 1

Vijaya Ramaswamy on extracts of the Gautama Dharma sūtra.

Feb. 15

Christine Proust : Reading a mathematical cuneiform text : YBC 4698.

March 7

Robert Englund : Archaic texts from Mesopotamia.

March 21

Grégory Chambon : Measuring grain in Mesopotamia : storing, controlling and delivering grain.

April 4

Piotr Michalowski (a.m.) : Eduba’a compositions, Toke Knudsen (p.m.) : Ritual texts (excerpts of Sulba sūtras texts translated from sanskrit).

May 2 !! 13:00–16:00 !!

Zou Dahai : Chinese documents of field calculation.

May 23

Xiao Can : The excavated documents of measurement and calculation fields in the Qin and Han periods in China.

June 6

Zhu Yiwen : extracts of the Commentary of Jia Gongyan : "Rites of the Zhou dynasty" and "Ceremonies and rites".

June 20

Robert Middeke-Conlin : Reconciling Education and Administration.

June 27

Xiaoli Ouyang : Cracking marginal numbers in administrative documents from Mesopotamia during the Ur III period (c. 2112-2004 BCE).