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Eric Vandendriessche’s work

Minutes of the meeting of the 26/05/05 on Eric Vandendriessche’s work

Were present : Agathe Keller, Alain le Mignot and Eric Vandendriessche.

Agathe Keller comes back to the way Eric Vandendriessche uses Marcia Ascher highligting what he retains from her : the idea of intention and of structure/system. Paradoxically he doesn’t put this foward in his first part, where he talks about Marcia Ascher. Eric Vandendriessche replies that he uses the notion of mathematical ideas, grounded in numbers or spatial configurations. It is with these ideas that the alogrithmic system of a string games becomes mathematical.

We regret that Sophie with her knowledge of weaving strings is not here to react.