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Dominique Vellard

Minutes of the meeting of the 10th of March 2005, on the works of Dominique Vellard

Were present : Sophie Desrosiers, Robin Jamet, Agathe Keller, Alain le Mignot, Eric Vandendriessche and Dominique Vellard.

 Vellard, D. (1988). "Anthropologie et sciences cognitives : une étude des procédures de calcul mental utilisées par une population analphabète." Intellectica 2(6) : 169-209

 and her PhD describe this field work), then to do field work in Canada with the American-Indian population of the North West. In a conference she met a Mixe activist who was attempting to revive his culture by reviving the Mixe language. The field work done there is presented in

 Vellard, D. (1999). Collaborative Reasoning : How a group of speakers Retrieve Collectively the Cognitive Meaning of their Traditional Numeration. European Conference Cognitive Science (ECCS), Istituto Di Psicologica,

 Eric asks how does one transmit mental computations in Mali : are children left alone to devellop their own systems ? Dominique Vellard explains that she has seen but a limited number of algorithms. People are quick or slow but always use the same system.