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Brainstorming team on Ethnomathematics

January 07 : Urbitan D’Ambrosio

Report of the meeting of the REHSEIS Ethnomathematics seminar on the 17/01/07
The seminar’s aim was to discuss the following articles :
Englash, Ron. ’Anthropological prospects one Ethnomathematics’. In Mathematics across cultures : the history of not-western mathematics, ED. H Selin. Dordrecht ; Boston : Kluwer Academic : 2000.
Urbitan D’Ambrosio :
The article published in the special series of « Pour la Science » (The French edition of Scientific American) called "Exotic Mathematics" of (...)

Eric Vandendriessche’s and Celine Petit’s work

Seminar documents
« Anthropology of Mathematics » Paris VII - June 07, 2006 - Céline Petit
« String figures recent outcomes » June 26, 2006 : Eric Vandendriessche

Eric Vandendriessche’s work

Minutes of the meeting of the 26/05/05 on Eric Vandendriessche’s work
Were present : Agathe Keller, Alain le Mignot and Eric Vandendriessche.
The discussion starts freely on the different paths by which you can obtain a figure when playing a string game. Eric Vandendriessche explains that in certain regions of the world people know several paths that lead to a same figure, when in other places, on the contrary, the recalling of the path and that of the figure goes together. Agathe (...)

Dominique Vellard

Minutes of the meeting of the 10th of March 2005, on the works of Dominique Vellard
Were present : Sophie Desrosiers, Robin Jamet, Agathe Keller, Alain le Mignot, Eric Vandendriessche and Dominique Vellard.
Dominique Vellard started informally by telling us about her story. She was a math teacher at the young women’s school of Bamako ( Mali) in the middle of the 70’s when she first questioned the knowledge that her students possessed. At the time, as it still is very much the case, they (...)

Marc Chemillier

Minutes of the meeting of the 17th of february 2005, on Marc Chemillier’s study of Sikidy divination in Madagascar
People comming to the meeting where invited to read two articles by Marc Chemillier, relating his field work in Madagascar :
They are in French. The meeting starts by a self-presentation of all people present, because there (...)

December 04 : The work of Marcia Ascher

Minutes of the meeting of the 17th of february 2005, on Marc Chemillier’s study of Sikidy divination in Madagascar
Our first meeting starts by a self presentation of all people present. Everybody explained why they came and what they expected from this seminar/brainstorming meeting.
Agathe Keller explains that it is her work on the history of mathema
tics in India that has brought her to read on ethnomathematics. Ethnomathematics can indeed help her contextualize the Sanskrit (...)

December 06 : Ethnomathematics and pedagogy

Report on the meeting of the REHSEIS ethnomathetmatics seminar held on 13/12/06 :
"Ethnomathematics and pedagogy : the question of string figures "
This meeting was based on four articles :
Charles Moore. ` The Implication of string figures for American Indian Education’, Newspaper of American Indian Education, Volume 28 Number 1, October 1988
And three articles drawn from Changing the faces of mathematics, Perspectives on indigenous people of North America, University of (...)